To me, being a fine art photographer means one thing – when the mood takes you to create, you create! And that is what I do. When I feel that the light is perfect, the landscape magical or someone has that certain twinkle in their eye, I have to capture it; I have to make that moment last forever. And when I do, the pictures are guaranteed to turn out beautiful. This is my prewedding in Tarifa.

This is what happened when I met up with one of my lovely bridal couples Ben and Karen to discuss their June wedding in Tarifa. The sun was shining, the sea was sparkling and the sand was an unusual golden yellow so I jumped up and said ‘guys, we need to take some pictures.’ And it’s that spontaneity that gets the best results.

It’s moments like these, when a couple gets the opportunity to connect with me their wedding photographer, where I know that come their wedding day every picture is going to be a winner.

Ben and Karen were game for a laugh and agreed to take part in my impromptu prewedding shoot. So there we were having our lunch and chat on the beach, the relentless Tarifa wind whipping up a frenzy and the waves crashing around us, when I took off my jumper and said to Karen ‘put this on, it matches the landscape.’ She laughed and we headed out to the shore to start our photography session.

I was so happy with the images because they captured the mood of that afternoon. Karen and Ben are a couple so much in love and were really excited about their up-coming nuptials. They chose me to be their wedding photographer in Spain because they knew that my romantic approach and documentary-style photography would suit their special day and their personalities…and you can see through our impromptu photo session just how well we complement each other.

The images came out relaxed and playful. You can practically feel the sun on your shoulders and hear the sound of the waves crashing as you look at the couple, their arms wrapped around each other, smiling as if they are the only ones in the world.

I had such a fantastic day with Ben and Karen, and I am so happy that I listened to my instincts as a wedding photographer and took the opportunity to shoot this happy couple on such a beautiful afternoon. And I’m even more excited about getting the chance to do it all again in June on their wedding day!!

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