Being a busy wedding photographer I see many many weddings a year, and when it comes to styles and colours they can be very similar – which is why Shilpa and Eguiar’s vibrant Hindu wedding was a feast for the eyes and a breath of fresh air!

I had the opportunity to come with my friend Pedro Bellido who invited me to this wedding in Marbella

Upon arriving in Finca El Carambuca I already knew that Irene and Pravin’s wedding was going to be one I would never forget. I have been a wedding photographer in Marbella for many years, and it still blows me away when I have the great fortune to be asked to document a wedding so full of colour, love and life.

Everybody who has seen my work knows how much I love being a wedding photographer, and never more so when I have the opportunity to shoot an Indian wedding in Marbella. The day was planned by Whats Up Events and nothing was left to chance.

Pravin is originally from India and Irene is from Spain. She was a fantastic bride full of fun, bubbly and always smiling. The ceremony was a riot of colour and reflected the couple perfectly with the clever mixing of bright jewel colours from the Med and the earthy hues from India. Irene’s spectacular gown, with its gold embroidery and exotic navy and red fabric, was a rich and vibrant take on Indian traditions. As the guests began filing all, all beautifully dressed in equally radiant outfits, you could hear gasps of delight as they spied the colourful aisle drapes and the pretty bridesmaids who were each dressed in a different coloured sari. The groomsmen also joined in, sporting Indian style dress (although complementing their outfits with cool shades).

The ceremony was very moving and poignant, and so much fun to shoot with all the nods to Indian traditions and the pretty cultural details. The Hindu ceremony included the exchanging of floral garlands, the reading of holy scriptures and the fire ritual where the couple tied their outfits together and walked about the fire seven times. The knot representing their eternal bond as husband and wife.

The wedding meal, among the lush vegetation of the Finca, was a spectacular affair made even more amazing by the talented Kamal Productions and their dazzling lights. The trees towered over the guests shining turquoise, pink and lilac, and casting a magical glow over the proceedings. The catering by Lucia was delicious, and the evening ended as it began – a happy gathering of multicultural guests sharing in Irene and Pravin’s big day and lighting up the night with their smiles and laughter.

A beautiful Indian wedding with a beautiful couple. Thank you Irene and Pravin for inviting me to your Indian wedding in Spain and giving me the opportunity to be your wedding photographer, I hope you like the pictures.

This Indian wedding in Marbella, I had the absolute pleasure to attend as wedding photographer in Marbella, a few weeks ago, is one of the most cheerful and colourful weddings I have shooted to date.

Ceremony and celebration took place in a private villa al fresco in the Marbella mountains, with views to the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. You could even see Gibraltar to the end. This lovely couple, Eguiar and Shilpa live in Washington at the moment but he is from Canary Islands and she is Hindu, so they thought Marbella, was the perfect place to get married as it was a medium point for all the guests. The wedding turned out in a beautiful mix of the both cultures.

It was a wedding full of details and completely personalized for this couple. Both the decoration and planification of this Indian wedding in Marbella was made by Caprichia Marbella.

Bride and groom got ready in the same villa. During the ceremony, they both wore suits and jewelry typical of the Hindu ritual. The groom arrived to the ceremony riding a spectacular white horse, and then he made his entrance accompanied by his parents and the parents of the bride. For the bride entrance, Eguiar eye´s were covered with a sheet so he couldn’t see his fiancee. When Shilpa was ready and wearing the typical Hindu jewelry, the sheet that separated them was removed so Eguiar could finally see his future wife. The guests were all very smart, and they represented a great mix of cultures, some with typical Hindu costumes and others with a modern look, with some guests even wearing bow tie.

A Hindu ceremony is full of symbols and practices that aim to teach the happy couple all the lessons they need to know for their future life together. In the pictures you can see the exchange of floral garlands, them reading the religious passages and the holy fire ritual in which bride and groom tied their dresses and walk around the fire seven times. The knot meant to represent the eternal bond that comes with marriage.

To end the ceremony, the groom sprays the bride hair with red powder to indicate the bride new status as married woman. After this, the couple exchanged the traditional rings and they were showered with rice that symbolize prosperity. To conclude, the priest started a ​very entertaining traditional games where they had to find a ring, that symbolize who will be “in charge” in the relationship.

After the hindu ceremony was finished and in order to start the cocktail, the newlywed changed their dresses. The groom wore a smart blue suit and the bride a spectacular wedding dress designed by Delphine Manivet. Then we did the wedding pictures for the couple.

This wedding in Marbella was filled with handmade details, resulting in a very interesting, colourful and delicious wedding to photograph. The decoration was  down to the smallest detail and the villa where the ceremony took place outdoors was spectacular. The tables for the celebration were long and decorated with matching flowers that enlivened the ceremony. The illumination was compound of fair type bulbs that made the celebration ​​dinner an unforgettable evening.

After a very nice dinner characterised by the mix of colours, culture and food and an impressive dessert buffet, the newlywed cut the nupcial cake and under a roof made of colourful balloons, the dance started with a samba dancer, a gift from Shilpa to Eguiar.

All the guests had a wonderful time at this wedding, and so did I as a photographer. It was a beautiful wedding full of colour and special moments that I wanted to share with you. As a wedding photographer in Málaga and Marbella I am looking forward to repeat

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