The Original Fleurs Creative Retreat Mallorca

How we create this amazing table for an elopement in Mallorca designer by Brancoprata and Marina of TheoriginalFleur

It has been almost a year since the Creative Retreat in Mallorca organized by The Original Fleur! We retired to a Mallorcan house to train, inspire and grow our creativity.
During this creative retreat we learned, shared and enjoyed the experience of several professionals and experts in styling, creativity and floral art, such as Marina de The Original Fleurs !, Sofia Ferreira de Branco Prata, Elsa Yranzo, BandPaul, Virginia Abascal de Verdeagua Style
And as not only flowers, creativity is nourished, we have a wonderful chef and yoga classes …
Disconnect from day-to-day obligations and we dedicate ourselves, to enjoy flowers, to reconnect with our creativity, to be inspired by group and individual sessions, with workshops and talks in a unique environment.

The second day I woke up excited and nervous knowing that I was going to meet my reference in photography Andres Teixeda and Sofia de Brancopata. My pulse shook as we photographed together the wonderful table for an elopement in Mallorca that Sofia and Marina performed. Andres  guided and taught me, it was all generosity. It was a pleasure to meet you both.

Last November we’ve been in Tanger and we did the second Retreat , you can see it here.

What do you tell me about the wonderful photos that I made in film of the table and decoration for a wedding in Mallorca? It’s perfect for a small wedding in Mallorca or for a intimate elopement in Mallorca. Its small but elegant and organic.


Design, styling and production: @theoriginalfleurs_floraldesign
Communication and staff: @annahernando
Photography: @mireiacordomiSpeakers: @bandpaul | @brancoprata (@sofiaferreira and @andre_teixeira) | @verdeaguastyle | @elsayranzo
Saturday Food Rentals: @ahrental

Wedding in Castell de Caramany

 Pink Christmas Wedding inspiration

Ella siempre había sido una buena chica, una hija obediente y educada. wedding Castell de caramany. En sus labios siempre una sonrisa, pero una sonrisa triste, llena de sueños y recuerdos. La perfección era su jaula de oro, una jaula de la escapar.  Su deseo más profundo era huir. Correr lejos de las miradas, sin nadie que la juzgue. Huir lejos, aunque tan solo fuera por unas horas. Huir para poder liberar a su verdadero yo. Wedding in Castell de Caramany

Su nueva vida estaba a punto de empezar. Dejaría atrás su papel de hija perfecta para convertirse en una esposa excepcional. Era lo que se esperaba de Ella, y Ella sabía que por mucho que le molestara la perfección nunca podría ser feliz si defraudaba a las personas a las que amaba. Pero esta vez sería diferente, porque Ella se había hecho una firme promesa: cada año, en Navidad, después de que la última vela se apague Ella podrá liberarse de su encorsetada perfección para sacar a su verdadero yo. wedding Castell de caramany

La Navidad siempre había sido su época preferida, por eso no había una fecha más perfecta para celebrar su boda. Una boda dulce, elegante y perfecta. Como Ella. Una boda en tonos rosas y blancos, porque para Ella la Navidad siempre era rosa. Durante el día Ella sería la novia perfecta y la perfecta anfitriona. Pero por la noche Ella solo sería Ella.

A partir de ahora su más preciado regalo de Navidad será una noche para Ella. Una noche para bailar, correr, dejarse llevar. Una noche para brillar con luz propia. Una noche que llenar de buenos recuerdos que Ella conservará durante todo el año. Porque ya lo dijo Dickens: “El recuerdo, como una vela, brilla más en Navidad”.

Fotografía: Mireia Cordomí | Estilismo y producción: Bodas Deluxe | | Peluquería y maquillaje: Diana Galí | Papelería y caligrafía: Project Party Studio | Vestido de novia: Maria Luisa Rabell | Tocado, zapatos y liga: | Localización: wedding Castell de caramany


She was a good girl, obedient and polite. She didn’t like to upset and she didn’t like to disappoint. A glimmer of a smile always played on her lips, but it was a sad smile made of dreams and memories. Her need to be perfect was her golden cage, a cage she dreamed of breaking free from to a hidden place, a secret place where there was no one to judge. She longed to escape for a day, an hour, a second; to run from herself toward her liberation. wedding Castell de caramany

She was on the brink of a new life, she was leaving behind her role as the perfect daughter to become the ideal wife. It was expected of her, she had no choice. But she knew that she would never be free from her own shackles if she was deceiving herself. wedding Castell de caramany

So she chose to marry at Christmas time, her favorite time of year. And like her, her day was sweet, elegant and perfect in every way, a joyous celebration in pinks and whites. To her Christmas would always be pink, it was about new beginnings and purity, it was about light and love. On that day she made a vow to herself, she decided she would remain that perfect girl and a perfect wife. But on the evening of Christmas Eve each year, once the last candle had been blown out, she would return to that day and to her true self. She would be untied from her restraints of perfection and would set herself free, running away from her home and back to nature for one night only. That grey still evening was hers alone. In the Christmas night air, the frosty ground crackling under her feet, she would dance, run, and finally escape. With red leaves falling about her like snowflakes, the perfect girl glowed beneath the light of the Christmas moon.

“Memories, like life itself, shine brighter at Christmas” – Charles Dickens.wedding Castell de caramany

Marrakech Wedding

Marrakech Wedding inspiration photo shot. Wedding photographers are extremely lucky people. We get to visit wondrous places and capture the radiant beauty of many a beautiful woman on her special day…but never more so than last month when I was honoured to be invited to take part in a Pearl & Godiva photo shoot in the dusty plains of the Moroccan desert.

IT’s always a pleasure to come back to La pause Hotel boutique to do weddings. I love this venues I love to do wedding in La Pause

Pearl & Godiva are world renowned event and editorial stylists. For this shoot they set upon the concept of documenting a local fable of a shy lonely girl who discovers her soul mate and through their inseparable love they discover a whole new world. A wedding in the desert, a wedding in Marrakech

Everyone I worked with on this inspirational wedding photography shoot was a dream to collaborate with, from the professionalism of the Pearl & Godiva team to hair, beauty and of course the stunning models.

As a wedding photographer in Spain I am used to working in the heat and the sun, but this was something else. Technically there was a lot to consider; the light, the composition and of course the model’s comfort, but my biggest challenge was how I would interpret this beautiful story and capture her unveiling, which ultimately releases her beauty.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did creating them.


Unravel – Valley of my Heart
Production, Creative Direction and Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist : Lora Kelley | Antique Lace Gown : Sarah Foy | Moroccan Wedding Dress : Sourced by Pearl & Godiva | Crown : Fleur Jewellery | Bespoke pearl neck and shoulder piece : Fleur Jewellery | Antique Jewellery : Kristin Hayes Jewellery | Antique Sunburst Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring : Delphi Antiques, Dublin | Models Eve and Chun at Distinct Model Management.