How we create this amazing table for an elopement in Mallorca designer by Brancoprata and Marina of TheoriginalFleur

It has been almost a year since the Creative Retreat in Mallorca organized by The Original Fleur! We retired to a Mallorcan house to train, inspire and grow our creativity.
During this creative retreat we learned, shared and enjoyed the experience of several professionals and experts in styling, creativity and floral art, such as Marina de The Original Fleurs !, Sofia Ferreira de Branco Prata, Elsa Yranzo, BandPaul, Virginia Abascal de Verdeagua Style
And as not only flowers, creativity is nourished, we have a wonderful chef and yoga classes …
Disconnect from day-to-day obligations and we dedicate ourselves, to enjoy flowers, to reconnect with our creativity, to be inspired by group and individual sessions, with workshops and talks in a unique environment.

The second day I woke up excited and nervous knowing that I was going to meet my reference in photography Andres Teixeda and Sofia de Brancopata. My pulse shook as we photographed together the wonderful table for an elopement in Mallorca that Sofia and Marina performed. Andres  guided and taught me, it was all generosity. It was a pleasure to meet you both.

Last November we’ve been in Tanger and we did the second Retreat , you can see it here.

What do you tell me about the wonderful photos that I made in film of the table and decoration for a wedding in Mallorca? It’s perfect for a small wedding in Mallorca or for a intimate elopement in Mallorca. Its small but elegant and organic.


Design, styling and production: @theoriginalfleurs_floraldesign
Communication and staff: @annahernando
Photography: @mireiacordomiSpeakers: @bandpaul | @brancoprata (@sofiaferreira and @andre_teixeira) | @verdeaguastyle | @elsayranzo
Saturday Food Rentals: @ahrental

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