Photographer MIREIA CORDOMI explains the story behind this beautiful shoot of a elopement in Spain,

“Two people look into each others eyes and feel their hearts beat with the same rhythm. Nothing else matters. Everything else is secondary. Is it so beautiful, it is impossible to do without it. Bearing that in mind, for this session we were inspired by an organic and natural love, which is perfectly reflected in the beautiful and wild floral arrangements present throughout the session: at the ceremony, in the table, the cake, and of course in the bridal bouquet. 

An old natural stone wall became the perfect setting for the ceremony. An impressive wreath of greenery and florals framed the scene, which was perfectly topped by a matching floral arrangement. And  the young couple – full of love, vitality and joy. A couple who dream of a relaxed and casual wedding. A wedding with only two of them, but celebrating the most organic and natural side of love.” Elopement in Spain A baroque, organic and natural love
Love is two things. Two people who look each other in the eye and feel their hearts beat at the same time. Everything else remains. Everything else is accessory, but at the same time it is so beautiful, that it is impossible to do without it.
That is why for this session we have been inspired by a baroque, organic and natural love, which is perfectly reflected in the beautiful and exuberant floral arrangements presented throughout the session: at the ceremony, at the table, at night, and of course in the bridal bouquet.
Some arrangements that show us the wild side of flowers, but also the most passionate and romantic, and that transport us to a natural baroque that masterfully combines pink tones, creams, greens and blacks.
For the banquet we thought of a table that would naturally bring together the three concepts. The organic touch of the wood of the table, of the cotton of the chimney, of the glass of the tableware and of the silver of the complements and the cutlery.

The floral arrangements provide the natural touch, and the whole. The silver, the candles and the exuberant flower arrangements get the final baroque touch.
An ancient natural stone stone in the perfect setting for the ceremony. An impressive garland of greens and flowers framed the scene, which was perfectly topped by a floral game arranged in a stone cup.

And the protagonists, a young couple, full of love, vitality and joy. A couple who dreams of a relaxed and carefree wedding. A wedding only for the two of them, but without renouncing the more baroque, organic and natural side of their love.

I do lots of elopements in Malaga and elopements in Marbella and Elopements in Tarifa. I do elopements in Gibraltar as well.

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Wedding in Castell de L’Empordà


Costa Brava Wedding, Wedding in Castell de L’Empordà

Wedding photos of a beautiful intimate wedding in the Costa Brava

I love all weddings, big and small, which is why I adore being a wedding photographer in Spain…because no two are ever the same. I was so excited to get to document Gemma and Aleix’s wedding day in Costa Brava as it was so unique and different to the usual big fancy affairs. Gemma And Aleix and they Wedding in Castell de L’Empordà

Gemma and Aleix are a wonderful couple who never stop smiling. There was such electricity between them it wasn’t hard to capture the love and excitement on their special day. They wanted a small intimate wedding so their choice of Costa Brava venue – Castell de l’Empordà – was the perfect place for their wedding celebrations.

The hotel resembles an Italian Tuscan castle nestled in the luscious mountains of the Costa Brava, surrounded by olive trees and blue mountains in the distance. As far as wedding venues go you don’t get more charming than this hotel with its rough stone façade and impressive grounds. The hotel even features its own pretty chapel where most couple choose to marry.

The bride and groom married the day before at a local registry office then celebrated at the stunning Wedding in Castell de L’Empordà surrounded by just a few key members of their family and close friends. Gemma and Aleix are not your usual wedding couple. She didn’t want the traditional big meringue dress and he didn’t want top hat and tails. They are a fun couple, down to earth and with quirky personalities – and wanted their outfits to reflect that. Gemma wore a sensational light blue sequined gown by Justician Ruano, and Aleix chose a more relaxed option of biker jacket over his crisp white shirt and suit trousers. As Aleix’s father is a hairdresser, he created his daughter-in-law’s relaxed hairstyle with flowing locks and a boho-inspired plait. She looked positively radiant, so pretty, feminine and unique.

The couple were naturally very shy, which just made the photos even cuter, and we had so much fun shooting the intimate shots as they laughed and giggled throughout the whole session. They married on the 1st of November but the sun shone like summertime, making the hotel’s surrounding gardens and parkland the perfect setting for these images.

In the afternoon the guests enjoyed cocktails, a late lunch and then music by a Roberto de Palma DJ who played solely on vinyl. Nothing too modern or tawdry about this wedding! I loved working with Gemm and Albert, they are definitely the most unique couple I have ever had the pleasure to photograph and I hope you enjoy these portrait pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  you can see another lovely wedding in Hotel Castell de l’Empordà here