Wedding in La Pause, wedding in Marrakech




Wedding in La Pause, Wedding in Marrakech.

My life as a  wedding photographer can be a fun one – especially when you get the opportunity to cover a wedding in Marrakesh!

Bridal couple Lisa and Henrry are from Utah in the United States but had their hearts set on marrying in Morocco. Lisa  gets to travel to some wonderfully bohemian places around the world. When she stumbled across the hotel La Pause, she knew it was the ideal place for her wedding.

When I was asked to document their special day I was totally thrilled. Based in the south of Spain, northern Africa isn’t that far for me to travel – so I have had the joy of taking part in a number of weddings and shoots there over the years. I’m available for a  wedding in Marrakech.

But a wedding in La Pause is something else! Situated in the middle of the Moroccan desert, the hotel has no electric lighting, outdoor showers and is surrounded by nothing but rolling sand dunes.

The wedding in La Pause, was all about the couple’s friends and family. Everyone took part in making their wedding in Marrakesh a success, with one friend styling the bride’s hair, another in charge of the make-up and another creating a beautiful floral crown out of local olive branches. Lisa had even gifted all the female guests with jewellery from her collection to wear on her special day, having posted items along with the invitations before the wedding.

The bride looked like a magical mirage in lace as she rode to the ceremony on the back of a camel. With the sun setting, and the dunes glowing pink in the afternoon light, the wedding guests were treated to the sounds of a local guitarist as Lisa and Henrry said ‘I do’ beneath a floral canopy and a backdrop of endless desert.

In true Moroccan fashion, the wedding party were seated on low stools to enjoy drinks after the service and in the coolness of the evening the torches and candles were lit – adding a mystical charm to the surroundings.

The tables had been decorated by Lisa and her friends with lots of bohemian touches, such as place name cards set in tiny golden camels.

As the desert evening turned to night, local musicians began to play accompanied by a belly dancer and a mesmerising fire show – it felt like being in a Bedouin fairy tale.

I had so much fun with this wonderful couple over my three days at La Pause. A Marrakesh wedding is an enchanting day at the best of times, but when you choose a venue like this one, style it impeccably, then fill the desert with laughter and music…well, you can’t get more magical than that!


La Pause Wedding




Wedding in La Pause. Wedding in Marrakech its an adventure to worth it. This Arabian wedding inspired  shoot, with the highly-acclaimed stylists Pearl & Godiva, would be a dream come true for any Spanish wedding photographer…so I was overjoyed to be part of it. Out in the heat of the Moroccan desert I had so much fun shooting this sequence of images entitled ‘The Styling Pilgrimage’. The wedding was in La Pause

The dress was by Jenny Packham which was combined with pastel blue Arabian fabrics and large silver jewellery straight out of a Moroccan souk. The model was simply stunning, her large green eyes and full lips adding to the exotic nature of the pictures. Wedding in La Pause. I love this wedding in La Pause. Lovely wedding in Marrakech.

The fashion was complemented by the design of the rustic table setting and stationery, evoking the romance of dusty days under the African sun, and the backdrop of olive trees and rocky lagoons provided a beautiful dappled light that really added to the ambience.

I love being a wedding photographer in Spain, but now I’m also praying for the chance to shoot more beautiful brides in this stunning country! You can see a real wedding in La Pause hereThe Girl and Her Reflection Production, Creative Direction and Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist : Lora Kelley | Gown : Bespoke creation for Pearl & Godiva by Emily Riggs | Jewellery : Kristin Hayes Jewellery | Jewelled Veil and Teal Veil : Bespoke creations for Pearl & Godiva by Liv Hart/Enchanted Atelier | Antique Sunburst Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring : Delphi Antiques, Dublin | Stationery : Maybelle Imasa | Model : Maja at Union Models