While in the crowded bar and making his way to the restroom Matthew turned the corner and  their eyes locked. This is their Gay Wedding in Spain.

I had fallen in love with Spain years ago, and I knew I wanted to get married there.  He discovered Fain Viejo in  Arcos de la Frontera, we like our  wedding in Fain Viejo a place where Muslim and Christian culture collided, and spoke to Mohammed’s Muslim upbringing and my Christian upbringing.

It was the perfect place to blend our love into one. Matthew,  wanted 20 people there, after a few rounds of negotiation they came to 50 people.

Mohammed said about his perfectionism about details and the fact that details take time and effort, especially on your actual wedding weekend.  The ceremony was Matthew’s best friend from seventh grade, Lucinda. Did I tell you how I love gay weddings in Spain?

Though close with Matthew for so long, it was Mohammed who suggested she serve as their officiant. There is nothing like saying these words that mean so much to someone who means so much to you. Mohammed who was more emotional at the ceremony. It was a three-event weekend this past July starting with a “White Party” welcome cocktail.

Before the ceremony, the guests enjoyed specially selected music by a string quartet. Describing this gay wedding in Spain: the ceremony, the couple opted for traditional vows. I love to be a gay wedding photographer in Spain.

However, they decided not to have a traditional wedding party, stating, We felt that our wedding was intimate and everyone attending was part of the wedding party.

Pick a place that really means something to you. It is going to be one time with your one true love and do it the way you want to do it.Give your guests experiences that are going to bond them with you, because these are the people that are going to be in your life forever.

This lovely wedding was published in the prestigious magazine MENSVOWS:COM.  supporting men go marry