In my ten years as a wedding photographer in the South of Spain I have taken thousands of photos of weddings at the stunning Malaga venue Hacienda Nadales, and it’s always a pleasure to go back there. Wedding in Hacienda Nadales But this shoot was one of a kind as I didn’t get to photograph the couple at all, just the groom…and after taking a look at these pictures I am sure you will agree that I am the luckiest girl in the world with the best job ever!

Last November I was asked by a bride, at the very last minute, if I could photograph her wedding at Hacienda Nadales. The problem was she had already commissioned (and paid for) a photographer, who she was very happy with, but then a friend had recommended my work to her and she had fallen in love with the images on my blog too. She was torn. She then mentioned to me that she was also stuck for a gift for her husband-to-be – so together we came up with a fun surprise for her fiancé. Her gift to him was…me! I would be his own private photographer to document his final moments as a single man and his preparations running up to the ceremony.

I was so excited about this idea. Very rarely do I get the chance to concentrate on the grooms as they get ready for their big day. I spend so much time with the bride as her bridesmaids flitter around her nervously, her hair is coiffed and her make-up touched up – whereas as the groom has a few fun pictures taken with his best man and that is all. Such a shame. This time, though, I got to capture all the wonder and excitement as he smartened himself up before the ceremony, I witnessed his nerves as he practiced his vows and of course I was with him the entire time he awaited his beautiful bride at the end of the aisle.

A few weeks later I received the most amazing letter from the bride after I sent them their wedding photos. Of course she had no idea what to expect, as these were the only photos of her special day where she was not present, and they had blown her away.

Here is a copy of her letter to me:

‘’Dear Mireia,
Thank, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Words can’t express just how happy we both are for the wonderful photos you took. I was in tears looking through the gorgeous images you took of my handsome new husband looking so excited and nervous before we got married. It was such an honour for me to get a glimpse of a time that so many brides miss out on. You photographed all his emotions so beautifully and I will treasure these photos for ever as you managed to capture his very soul and all the reasons why I married this wonderful man. To think this was meant to be my gift to him, and in the end it was the best wedding present I could ever have wished for!’’

What a great experience the whole thing was and what an emotional response. So if you too are stuck for an idea of what to buy your groom on your wedding day – here I am!

The groom wear a ZARA suite Can you believe it?

You can see the pictures in Hacienda Nadales blog too